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Shawarma Khan is your choice in Winnipeg for a fresh, filling, and healthy meal on the go.

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern style of meat preparation that involves roasting the meat on a slowly rotating vertical spit. All the meat at Shawarma Khan is 100% natural with no preservatives, no fillers, no hormones and no antibiotics. The meat is marinated in a blend of Middle Eastern influenced spices then piled high on a vertical rotisserie. Slow cooked for hours the meat has a signature “melt in your mouth” flavour. The meat is then shaved and served in either a pita or a plate fresh vegetables and an array of sauces.

In addition to our great shawarma we have a wonderful selection of vegetarian and vegan options. These include falafel, a wide selection of salads that vary day by day and home cooked rice and potatoes.

All of our food and sauces are prepared on site and are always fresh. Shawarma Khan serves only Zabiha Halal shawarma, with gluten free and vegan options available. Please refer to our menu page to see the many choices we have to offer.

About Obby Khan, founder of Shawarma Khan

Obby Khan - Shawarma KhanObby Khan, known for his illustrious 9-year career in the CFL, is now more commonly known for his success as an Entrepreneur owning 3 separate businesses - Shawarma Khan, Green Carrot Juice Company and most recently

Following his CFL retirement in 2012, Khan opened his first Shawarma Khan and hasn’t slowed down since. Shawarma Khan now has 3 locations in Winnipeg and 3 locations at Investors Group Field, home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Shawarma Khan is a real passion project for Obby. His desire to offer fresh, healthy, local, homemade middle eastern food in a grab-and-go style atmosphere has made Shawarma Khan a hit here in Winnipeg. If you are hungry and want a challenge come try the WRATH OF KHAN, if you dare!